Has anyone seen or used these?

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    I am tempted to have a go at these. Or at least make some similar with material and velcro. Maybe chopping one of the airplane eye masks in half??

    I commute 75-100 miles each week and radio podcasts keep me going, as I have to do the same hilly route each day. I have gone without any form of music etc for a year but 2 hrs cycling a day and dealing with 30 x 7yr olds mean that 1) you cant hammer it and 2) I need some brain stimulation (radio podcasts). I also find that listening to people speaking is much safer, but I put on the music when I'm bored of them.

    Has anyone used these. I have a pretty exposed route and even over the past month the wind really interrupts what I am hearing .

    Please no lectures about listening to the radio when cycling...unless you cycle longer to work each day and have a magic tip to relieve the boredom. And dont say 'cycle harder' thats the response from people who dont cycle twice a day in all weathers, or those that have desk-jobs.

    Safety-wise I have a pretty carless route and those that do pass are aware of me as we generally pass at the same spot each morning. I even get the occassional wave!!!



  2. dodgy

    dodgy Guru

    That link doesn't work, try this one http://shop.ipodworld.co.uk/iPodWorldSite/product/all_iPods_General Accessories/SZ01.htm

  3. OP

    khumbu8000 Senior Member

    Cheers for doing that.
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