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What a load of poo!! Long story but....

Did a search when my insurance was up in Jan and had a nice little quote for £228 off these divs. Got my old insurance to send proof of no claims (which they say they did straight away).

Then got a letter of HD saying that as they hadn't received proof of NC, the premium had gone up to nearly £700 and were asking for £65 a month! This is a 10 year old 1.2 Clio BTW and I have 9 yrs no claims.

Phone calls to and fro seemed to have sorted the problem out in early Feb, payments back down to £22 odd a month, lovely.

Last Tuesday - baffled to find a letter from them serving a Default Notice. :tongue: Apparently my bank had told them to bugger off as they have been attempting to take £65 instead of the agreed amount. They are now asking for the outstanding premium of £168.22 (although they are claiming I should be paying £65 a month) so where they learnt how to add up is beyond me.

Took me over an hour to get through to someone last Tuesday who said it was ok, to just pay £66 odd quid for 3 months I owed and that it was their mistake blah blah. Was waiting for a new debit card which came yesterday so thought I'd sort out the payment today and get the direct debit sorted at the same time.

No such luck! Took another hour to get through and spoke to a very nice lady who said 'Ooh it's not right is it, those figures just don't add up, someone will need to look into this'. I asked for her assurance that 1) my insurance won't be cancelled and 2) no default will be served and applied to my credit report. This she gave and promised someone would come back to me.

I'm still waiting. :tongue:

Moral of the story - the cheapest quoters are usually crap in all other areas of service! ;):tongue:!

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I use the brokers in the town. They are not expensive and I can walk in and see someone any time. E-mails and phone calls - just more stress. "Cheap" TV advertised - no thanks.
In future, check the forum pages of Moneysavingsexpert.com, they saved me from a ropey insurance deal. Aviva are quite keen at the moment.
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