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Just came a cracking piece of 'have a nice dayery' - you know, when companies spout guff about how much they value your custom or how safety is their top priority (generally when they've treated you like dirt or one of their vehicles has just crashed into a main tunnel support due to maintenance cost-cutting).

My Dad's five or six year old Sony tv started developing green vertical lines, which have got steadily worse to the point where the thing is to all intents and purposes unusable. Googling has revealed that this is a well known issue which has afflicted thousands of Sony tv owners, but Sony's response has basically been: tough shoot, it's out of warranty. We'll sell you a new one at a discount if you like, but that's it. So that's that. But I did come across this cracking piece of H.A.N.D. on a Sony website:

"I regret we were unable to meet your expectations on this matter. Please allow us the privilege of continuing to serve you in the future. We cannot erase what happened, but hope it helps to know we take your experience very seriously. We regret the inconvenience you experienced and empathize with your disappointment."

Now, if you've just had your three year old thousand pound telly go tits up on you, wouldn't the maker's 'empathy' just make you feel soooo much better?


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We take your experience seriously... but not seriously enough to actually help you in your hour of need.
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