Have you discovered any delicious recipes by accident?

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Mine is crispy garlic bread.

I once went to see my GF and bought one of those frozen garlic baguettes to put in her oven.

When I got there, however, her oven was in the process of being cleaned, and was full of chemicals!

Cue me sulking (because I LOVE garlic bread and was really looking forward to it), until she suggested that we chop it up still frozen and put the bits in the sandwich toaster.

All I can say is OMFG! It is delicious! It comes out golden-brown and crispy all the way through. Nowadays we stick it in the sandwich toaster even if the oven is available!

What completely delicious recipes have you discovered by accident?


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In a similar vein, fried bread dipped in sugar. Tastes just like doughnuts.
Coffee without milk.

Back in the day when I was a poor student I went to make a mug to find that one of my dear housemates had scoffed the last of the white stuff. Desperate to satisfy my caffeine fix for the hour I bravely continued to drink the stuff black.

Now I can’t stand white coffee and have it black.

Tea on the other hand had to be white, unless it is Earl Grey, or we have run out of milk again.


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Touche said:
Coffee without milk.
Ditto... but for different reasons... I found I had sky high cholesterol levels, and started doing anything I could* to lower it... eventually doc said it's inherited condition, so now I take statins, but I stuck with the black coffee, and now prefer it.

*incl cycling :smile:


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XmisterIS said:
Was this discovered because you dropped a freshly fried bit in sugar by accident, fished it out and thought, "Sodomize me, that's good!" Or was it intentional?

Well.... it was sort of by accident.... when I was an English Assistant in Spain I shared a hall with about 80 Spanish blokes and some days for breakfast the kitchen used to serve up yesterday's bread sliced and deep fried. I saw somebody putting sugar on his, tried it and was hooked.

The other breakfast favourite was a huge kettle full of diluted condensed milk and a huge kettle full of coffee with a huge bowl of cheap biscuits. We would break the biscuits into a bowl of milk/coffee and mash them into a kind of porridge. It was rather good actually.

I got quite addicted to condensed milk until one night when my room mate and I, feeling a bit peckish, broke into the kitchen for a snack where we found a catering can of it open and absolutely crawling with ants, which somehow were managing not to stick to the surface. I went off it a bit then.

The college was run by Opus Dei so I was an Opus employee. I didn't whip myself or wear barbed wire around my thigh though.
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