Have you got a tattoo?

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I'm curious 'cos a lot of pros/couriers have got them!

I'm a no. 1 (boring, and I don't like pain!).

1) No - and don't want one

2) No - but I'm thinking of having one

3) Yes - and I love it/them

4) Yes - but I regret it

5) Yes - but I've had it/them removed


ivancarlos said:
Ok what I mean is navvies :biggrin:
How do you know he isn't a navvy? In real life Laurence is six foot of knotted muscle. He looks like a well weathered oak tree and bends shovels with his teeth. There are squirrels nesting in his hair. I feel proud to have met him and lived...:smile::shy:
None of my tatts is on public display and I'm a girly office worker. They're not fashion statements, they're just for me.:biggrin:
No. My father said it was not a good idea to advertise my idiocy. Nor to join the Royal Navy, where there is such a tendency. But maybe that was also for different reasons....


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I've got one. I like it now as much as when I got it. Took me ages to find what I wanted. It was sore but bearable. Don't have any inclination to get another. I don't think it says anything at all about my intelligence or lack thereof, my fashion sense, my career choice or anything else! I just fancied one, got it, and like it. Pretty boring really.

I think the next step is a shaved head and a hairstyle painted on.


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I am tatoo less...and I have never had the urge to get one. But I did see a beautiful Spanish girl once on a nudist beach with a tatoo of a butterfly on her lower back......that was hot...all the blokes were laying face down on the sand :biggrin:....anyway...I had to wonder though what she would look like when she's old and wrinkly....but then I thought who cares...nobody is going to see it any way...as such I am now a fan of tatoos just so long as they are tasteful and not excessive. One is enough though in my opinion...."and that's all I have to say 'bout that":laugh:

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I met an Australian couple yesterday at Hong Kong Airport and he was wearing shorts and T shirt. The was very little of the exposed skin that was not tattooed and even one that came from under the T shirt and up the back of his neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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