Wales : Powys Hay-on-Wye cycling/camping long weekend. 4th-7th Sept 2020.

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Hi Cyclechat peeps :hello:

After last years successful and very enjoyable long weekend spent camping and cycling in the fantastic area around Hay-on-Wye in South Wales I'm planning a repeat visit to further explore the area again in 2020.

We all know about the devastation and disruption that has resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic but, fingers crossed, things seem to be getting a little easier now and there is a chance I/we can think about resuming some of our sociable cycling activities? I have had email confirmation from the campsite at Racquety Farm that they are now once again open for business.

Hay-on-Wye is nestled on the edge of The Brecon Beacon national park and is well situated as a base for rides in the stunning areas that surround it. The small town has a number of excellent pubs that serve good food (pubs/restaurants currently closed for eating/drinking indoors due to CV.) and there is also a sizeable Co-op store that can supply all the daily requirements for camping and dining if you prefer to cater for yourself. The campsite itself is basic but pleasant and has modern shower/toilet units that are very welcome after a long day in the saddle.

My plan is to drive to the site and probably arrive on the Thursday evening, 3rd Sept. I expect to ride on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will camp the final night and return home on Monday 7th.

Main points of the weekend as follows;
  • rides will likely be 50+ miles but pace isn't going to be hectic and if you don't fancy the big distances or hilly routes then you are welcome to split off at any point or even plan your own itineraries.
  • Come for as long as you like. Camp for one night or a week or even just turn up for a day and enjoy a ride, it's your choice. You will need to book your own camping but the site layout means we should all be able to pitch up together.
  • Be sociable! It's not just about the cycling and evenings around the BBQ/campfire are a perfect opportunity to discuss the day's ride or anything and everything else that pops into your head.
  • Don't worry if you don't have all the kit. I will be bringing a few spare camp chairs as well as a gazebo to provide some shelter for us to hide under and cook in if the weather is less than perfect. I will also bring my small BBQ which doubles up as a rather effective campfire bowl once the cooking duties are finished.
That's all I'm going to say for now, Covid may still put a stop to my plans but fingers crossed it doesn't and even though I enjoyed myself so much doing this on my own last year it would be really great if some of you wonderful and varied people from Cyclechat world could join me? Please have a read of the account of my exploits last year linked to at the top of the page and look at the few pictures I posted for an idea of how fantastic the area is for cycling.

Hope I see some of you there, Skolly :hello:


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Last week, we were in Snodhill (Herefordshire), about seven miles from Hay on Wye. Absolutely fabulous countryside , really friendly people, and courteous drivers. The tapas bar in Hay is worth a visit, as are the farm shops selling local cider.


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There's a nice river walk too if you fancy a few hours off the bike at "The Warren".
The Granary is a good basic cafe which likes cyclists and the small Spar in Hay has a good selection of booze.:cheers:


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I like Skol

I like Skol

I don't think so, sonny!....
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Just booked my spot at the campsite :hyper:

They say no problems grouping us together if you let them know you are there with the cycling group when you book. :okay:

Let the good times roll....



Tempting. Being self employed I couldn't possibly commit now, as time goes by I'll have a better idea if it's possible. Hope to get there. Unless you have a deadline.
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