Hayes Disk Pads - Info needed


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My wifes bike has Hayes HFX9 disk. She's had the bike from new and it's on original pads, about 10 month old - 700 miles ish?

We do a lot of gentle riding, ok will have hills and some blue routes.
She's not over confident and will brake a lot more than me.

Pads seem to have bits flaking off them, not just on edges, but also in the middle - it's not too bad though, just a fe little bits here and there.
They are approx 1.5mm thick.
Front disk is a 203mm and is 1.9mm thick so not worn as much as rear
Rear is 160mm and has worm from 2mm to 1.7mm thick.

I know you replace disks at 1.5mm thick, but what about pads? how thin are they before you replace.

and pad formula, what would the original be, and what's this sintered, organic etc.

I'm kinda lost. I could just but original pads and replace disks at 1.5mm thick.

but can anyone expand on this for me?


I run mine until they just about fall apart. I wouldn't be bothered about a few bits falling off as long as it was only a few bits, the main surface was still flat and the disc wasn't being scored. I'm sure you can run them down to 1mm, keep the old ones as spares because one day you may be out in the wet and wear them all the way to the backing pad.


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1mm is the general rule for replacement. Just ensure it's not scoring the discs in anyway.

Probably best not to buy Organic pads either, as in the wet they start vanishing rapidly.


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Organic pads are made with man made fibres such as Kevlar or Twaron bonded together with a petrochemical resin and sintered metal pads are copper alloy fused together under heat and pressure.
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