Headlights for Orbea Gain


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Hi all,

I have recently purchased a second hand 2019 Orbea Gain (Tiagra). I absolutely love it. It makes me ride WAY more than before and allows me to enjoy rides which previously would have been a chore! It also encourages you to ride quicker and as a result I am often riding above the 15.5 mph limiter (with no noticeable drag from the motor).

Anyway, you get the idea - I love my bike, am riding way more and riding faster. In order to keep me riding (and commuting) safely during the winter months I am thinking about upgrading to an e-bike headlight running directly from the battery.

Although I know, from the manual, there is an internal connector for ‘headlights’ I can’t find any ebike lights that are compatible with the Orbea Gain.

Does anyone know of any? (I’m in the UK by the way).

Thanks in advance for the help.


Get your front wheel re-laced with a Shimano dynamo. Get them from here

Shimano dynamo

Buy Busch Mueller dynamo lights front and rear

Dynamo lights

I have this setup on mine and my wife's bike, works brilliantly. The lights stay on for a few minutes at junctions with capacitor back up. The rear light also auto brightens like a brake light when you apply braking, its back emf increase from the wheel deceleration


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Thanks for the idea.

I was hoping for a solution that utilises the existing battery and internal cabling (as mentioned in the manual).
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