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Hi, never ever used headphones before, always felt it a bit too dangerous, but, came across these just before Christmas which seem to offer something of a compromise....long shot I know, but wondered if anyone else had them, and if anyone is experiencing any problems with them?


And below is an post I put on a headphone forum that explains the problem :-)

Got these headphones for cycling as they seemed the ideal compromise between listening to music and staying safe(er) on the roads as they are headphones that don't sit on the ears, but rather the bone on your face next to the ear (sounds weird I know, but they work reasonably well in certain circumstances).
So, tried therm at home and the signal (they are bluetooth) is excellent, can hear the music from the phone when its a flight of stairs away, or three rooms away no problem, clear as a bell. However, when I use them for their intended purpose I constantly lose signal. I get the same every direction I go...phone in saddle bag, headphones on, working fine for first minute, then gradually starts to lose signal/get interference leading to a complete loss of signal after 4-5 minutes. Turn headphones off then on again and same thing, can start to listen to music but only for a minute at most before signal goes again :-(
I have looked on the web but can only find glowing positive reviews (one of the reasons why I bought them in the first place), even contacted the company who were great in one respect (may be a faulty one, please send them back (to New York!) but not too helpful in another (try moving phone closer (its in my saddle bag, short of attaching it to my head cant get that much closer) !
Just wondered if anyone had the same problem, or can suggest what it might be...works fine in the house at a good range, but as soon as I start pedalling signal goes :-(...
Have you tried them with another phone, I've always had connectivity problems with bluetooth with my current handset, but not with others! Using a galaxy S4.


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What you need are digital hearing aids, then you can listen to your mp3 music through them with a setting for background sound.... how fantastic it is to be partially deaf.... not something I ever expected to say out loud!


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It's in your saddle bag so your entire body length is in the way with all its electrical impulses while exercising. Could you try the phone in your jersey/jacket pocket? Might still not work but it's an easy fix if it does.


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I have aftershokz and they are fine. I have them paired with my works iPhone, an iPod and my private phone depending on what I have in my jersey pocket. I just pair with whichever I feel like on the day. Generally my iPod. I keep my pod in my jersey pocket or jacket pocket. Not in my saddlebag as I get a little bit of break up sometimes and it's irritating.


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Thanks for the replies. The headphones work perfectly well when I am 3 rooms away from my phone if in the house so didnt think distance from headphones to phone when on the bike would be the problem, however, I'll give it a try tomorrow and wear the phone much closer.

Cheers for the help...


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That's one of the weird things about Bluetooth. I have a pair of Sony Bluetooth headphones. I can connect then to my PC, phone or tablet and walk about the house. But go outside with my phone in the kitchen, just the other side of the door, or even put my phone in my pocket and it cuts out.


I was after some Bluetooth headphones for the turbo, but the reviews and prices are all over the place, 20 quid ones get good reviews but the all the 1 star ones are about the battery life after a using them for a bit.

The expensive ones all get low reviews as well.

Anyone had any experience?


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Never could get a stable connection for headphones. Used various other bluetooth things without problems. Gave up years ago (early adopter) and been happily wired ever since.


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Not every phone will support all of the different Bluetooth protocols, or necessarily support them correctly, but also other Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi or other spectrum users nearby will disrupt your use of Bluetooth.


I have a pair of them. No problem with cycling in them.. Phone in the pannier and no problems (Galaxy Note 3 btw)
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