Heart Rate monitor versus all in one cadence HR speed sensor?


Hi all,

Having bought a turbo trainer to get myself back to fitness after broken leg, I'm obviously getting no figures from it as the (wired) speedo doesn't work on it and can't be repositioned. So I'm looking at getting myself something else. I was wondering if it's better to get a wristwatch type heart rate monitor like the polar FT1 and then a separate speedo with maybe cadence sensor or buying an all-in-one that is significantly more expensive (and limited to bike) but is integrated.

Thoughts please?



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Well, IMO an all in one unit trumps using a combination of different units, all the data goes to one place where you can look at it conveniently. Plus if you are inclined to do so with many all in one units such as those by Garmin, you can load the data onto your pc and compare and correlate things of interest. Furthermore, with the Garmin units (and many all in one units), the speed sensor is wireless and mounted to read speed from the rear wheel, so you can get speed readouts while on the turbo, the cadence sensor is also build into the same sensor, so only one sensor unit is needed.

If you are wanting a unit that can be used both on the bike and also for running etc, Garmin make some Triathlete targeted units that meet these requirements.
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