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Hey All,

Discovered this forum at the weekend while searching for some bike advice. Just registered and looking forward to getting back into cycling after 3 years off the saddle.

I'm a thirty something bloke and I've never been a serious cyclist in my adulthood - more just leisure and even then fairly infrequently but I'm going to be changing that next month, investing in a decent bike and riding 5 days a week. In my teens I was quite a keen cyclist - going on 40 - 50 mile rides on a decent ish road bike. Sadly, I let life get in the way.

I'm in a fairly active job but other than that don't do much excercise so cycling to me is a good way of getting fit (without being bored in a gym). I know packing in the fags would help but let's just take this one step at a time eh? My aim is to gradually build my fitness levels and increase the number of miles I cycle each day / week over the coming months. I'd then like to take part in charity rides and the like to put my new found fitness to good use.

Anyway, I'm off over to the Cross section now for some advice on which bike to get.

See ya'll soon.


Gerry Attrick

Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant
Hello Skyrider, welcome to the forum. It's amazing how many people come back to cycling in later life, having enjoyed it so much in their youth. (I did too).

Make yourself at home and feel free to join in as you wish. I'm sure you'll find us a friendly bunch.

Whereabouts are you based?


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Hi SkyRider

I'm a newbie too. Just registered today! Looking forward to getting to know some of you lot. Keen cyclist wrong side of 35 and I'm looking for a good entry level road bike - (specifically specialized allez 24 or equivalent) I currently ride a hybrid but I want to get more serious.



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Cheers for the replies guys.

LOL, if you put it that way then I'm just the right side of 35 DanB.

Mr Attrick, I live in Cheshire, surrounded by farms (which often stink lol) and footpaths and not a million miles away from Delamere Forest. Well, a short 5 mile ride to the forest to be precise.

I know what you mean to people returning to cycling.A couple of my old friends have been getting back into it recently. Sadly meeting up for rides with them again won't be a regular occurrence as we're dotted around different corners of the country now.
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