Hello from er... sunny? Cornwall


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Heya everyone,
My name is Luke and was coerced at the start of the year into agreeing to do John O Groats - Lands End in June, at the time i didn't even own a bike!
Having been training for the trip for a good few months now, cycling some of the most scenic routes cornwall has to offer (and managing a couple of 80 milers) i thought i'd go in search of some like minded people on the interweb, as all of my friends think im insane.
So hello, im not insane really, and will almost certainly be asking you lovely people every question under the sun! You lucky chaps and chappettes! ;)


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Hi Luke.

It sounds like your preparations are coming on well!

I can see why you'd prefer to do the ride as JOG-LE (so you end up at home) but there is a reason why most people do it as LE-JOG and that is the direction of the prevailing winds. You are much more likely to have tailwinds if you do it the other way round.
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