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Hi there buddies in cycling.
I've not joined this type of forum before, so don't really know how they work. For starters, Shaun's "Welcome" message floored me right off as he suggested following a link and saying Hello on the New Members area.
When I followed his link, I could see other new members' messages, but not find anywhere to type anything into to say Hello. All I could see was the option to create a new thread - whereas I thought I was being asked to contribute to a thread that already existed. Confused I was. But hey-ho.
So I'm trying it like this. I am still not sure if this is the correct way to go about it, but here goes with something about me:

As a teenager in the 70's I joined the Wigmore Cycling Club, where a school mate already raced. Everyone else had hand built Youngs, Philbrook (PAG), Holdsworth etc. In Reynolds 531.
I had a Dawes Star Realmrider (still do have it) in gas pipe.
I regularly did club runs, and the Iwade 10 mile TT's. I enjoyed the participation, only ever got one win medal, a Harrietsham KCC 10 miler 1st on handicap.
Down to the fact I had just put on a set of 2nd hand sprints and tubs. And a Stronglight/TA Cotterless cranks and Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear mech. also 2nd hand.
It felt so much lighter and responsive, especially when it rained half way through and I could feel less rolling resistance - due to the fact that the tubs. we're grass track pimple tread and not road race type!
I stopped participating to do other things, but continued to cycle around Bristol whilst at Uni. and then to and from work if nearby, or the station if commuting.
I had a little good luck on a charity pools and bought a "new old stock" 1982 Raleigh Record Ace (Worksop built) in 531c from a Chatham Raleigh shop. At last, my 1st Reynolds 531 bike!
I've done some miles on this one.
Including 3 London to Brighton, British Heart Foundation sponsored charity rides. Had a massive crash coming down into Brighton one year, ending up in A/E via the St John's Ambulance.
Good thing that I was a registered rider.
Had 13 stitches across my chin and 3 inside it.
Now I'm retired I'm gathering parts and tools to commence building bikes as a hobby to ride, including wheel building.
I haven't mentioned my time working as a schoolboy in Halfords, mostly in the bike section, progressing to buying a BSA Bantam, Tiger Cub then Tiger 90. Doing all the maintenance I could.
After marriage, we bought a 1969 Reliant Scimitar GT Coupe 3 litre.
Still do work on that.
I also "ran" my son for 12 years in MSA/RAC kart racing mostly TKM 100 junior with 1 year in Super 1, then 115 cc senior.
I was the oily rag. The only servicing I couldn't do was the big end change as it needs careful balancing. They run regularly at 16500 RPM, so balance is fairly important!
That's me, folks.
I have recently bought a late Holdsworth (Marlboro era?) in 531 to revive, that I will be asking about, so stand by with your capacious knowledge caps on please for then.
Bye for now.


65 as near as makes no difference.
Welcome -glad you sorted out how to post in here.

Mrs M



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Ashford, Kent
Wow!, what an unexpectedly lovely welcome.
So glad I joined up, rather than just Googling-in as an observer.
As the Terminator said, "I'll be back".


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Ashford, Kent
Hello and welcome . What a full and interesting history. There's a very active Classic & Vintage section here so you'll feel right at home.
Thanks for the welcome.
I know I could be accused of being long winded, comes down to being a bit of a pedant, so thanks for your tolerant praise. Comes of being a scientist in the biomedical world - you have to be sure you are doing the right thing, the consequences could be dire.
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