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Hi all, getting old and need to exercise more but have some difficulty running/distance walking now so want to get out on 'unpowered' two wheels. I think road is my preferred option as I green lane on motorbikes. I have taken advice from one member to dig out a couple of old road bikes in the rafters of my garage to see if they will meet my needs and make use of at least one 60/70's classics. A Claud Butler and an Elswick Mistral. Both seem original and well within the realms of a home service/overhaul. |That said I will no doubt need some pointers from members:ohmy: Grateful for future support and already finding interesting posts and threads on here.


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There's lots of people on here that know their classic bikes so I'm sure you will get some good tips of they do need fixed up.

Hopefully they just need a little clean and oil though!


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Hello and :welcome: to the forum.

When you can please post some pics, sound interesting. You should be able to get them back on the road with a few bits and bobs.

You'll find it tough at first but you'll soon get used to it.
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