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Space Alien

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Outer space
Hello primates, Space Alien here, I've learned how to communicate on your level as part of my 'school'.. uh.. 'project'. And in anticipation of an 'invasion' later in the year. We are particularly interested in keeping an eye on cyclists because your 'vehicles' (ha!) are immune to our disruptor ray guns.

Apart from that new Dura-Ace.


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Hi space alien and welcome ;)

Just out of interest are you a humanoid, reptiloid, fishoid, walking treeoid or superintelligent shade of the colour blue?

Also what bike do you ride :rofl:


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Space Alien was sent to Earth to find a method of disabling your mechanically propelled 'bicycle' vehicles.

I wish he'd use his real name.

I came here to develop a method of disabling your fossil fuel powered 'steam driven' vehicles.

I have formulated a new 'ray gun' which absorbs energy from the object it is pointed at. A 'freezer ray' to put it bluntly.
It quite quickly extinguishes burning coal. At the same token, it immediately freezes any structure which contains water, which is most of the life forms on this planet.
Therefore, the invasion should be swift and easy, and Space Alien is on a 'fools errand'.

When Space Alien arrived on this planet, he was transported directly into a Bicycle shop, where he soon encountered an indigenous species. It had a tall thin body with a single large foot. A lone tentacle had on its end what appeared to be its mouth. Its head was on the end of a long slim neck. Its head was narrow and wide and had no eyes?

Space alien demanded to be shown a 'bicycle'. The indigenous species failed to reply.
The shop assistant appeared and with horror, shouted to his gaffer "There's a slimey green thing out here talking to a track pump".


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Hallo Space Alien, I think you will find you are not alone, there are a few on here who are on another planet :blush:


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Howdo and welcome. If you could post your invasion date in the commuting forum before it all kicks off that'd be really appreciated. Oh, are you vapourising cars, or just disabling them? I need to know what tyres to take.
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