Hello from South Liverpool.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by sittingbull, 26 Jul 2012.

  1. sittingbull

    sittingbull Über Member

    South Liverpool

    I've already found a wealth of information on this site and had a few laughs too.

    I usually ride an MTB as it's comfortable and handles the cobbled sections (:hyper:) on the waterfront better than my road bike. Most of my rides are on the flat but I do hunt out the odd hill for variation. The plan is to do some longer rides on the road bike.

    Excuse the out of season photo but it shows my MTB on one of the rare occasions it leaves the tarmac!

    Rob. ^_^

  2. Pat "5mph"

    Pat "5mph" A kilogrammicaly challenged woman Moderator

    :welcome: Rob! Hope you did not come off the bike!
  3. gillelive

    gillelive Active Member

    North West
    hello from a fellow south liverpooler

    i know what you mean about the cobbles, i use the waterfront a lot for work commute
  4. Silver Fox

    Silver Fox Guru

    Welcome from another south end Liverpudlian Rob.
  5. Powely

    Powely Well-Known Member

    Hi from another North Westerner! ;)
  6. ohnovino

    ohnovino Large Member

    Hello and :welcome:

    Love the pic - I was there on Wednesday and it looked a little different ^_^
  7. frayBentos59

    frayBentos59 Specialized OCD

    Royal Liverpool
    Welcome Rob!

    Any of you boys interested in meeting up for a ride whilst the weather is nice? I'm based in Liverpool too.
  8. OP

    sittingbull Über Member

    South Liverpool
    Fortunately not, although corners were a little tricky though!

    You guys must be tough! There's often a significant headwind and/or it's raining horizontally and that's just in summer :laugh:
    Commuter speeds are quick, sometimes I think I've got caught up in a race.

    I ride along the front regularly, it's a very popular cycle route and rightly so.

    A ride sounds good! Do you want to suggest where/when?

    ..........and thank you everyone for the warm welcome :thumbsup:
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