hello from west london (soon to be manchester again)!


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Hello all
I’m a female west London cyclist, been cycling a few years now but mostly commuting, I certainly consider myself a novice compared to most of the people on this forum. Still have the Raleigh p4000 that I got when I was 16! Have been out of action for a couple of months due to tendonitis (non-cycling related!) but my time convalescing has gotten me lusting after a proper road bike. I’m looking to spend my summer this year learning all the things about my bike I should have done years ago!

The choice of women’s road bikes around the £500-£600 mark seems pretty restricted, in fact I can't find many alternatives to the Specialized Dolce 24. Can any of you recommend any good brands I should be looking at? And any general advice to a complete drop handlebar novice?

Otherwise hello and I hope you are enjoying the sun!


Oh yes, loving the ;)

Oh, and :evil: to the forums. Enjoy. :tongue:


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Welcome linbug,the sun in Manchester is much nicer than that southern sun by the way:biggrin:
I converted to drop bars last year and wouldn't go back now,really easy once you get used to it.


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Hello and welcome. Don't know much about them, but a quick google turns up the following:
Trek 1.2 Triple, Pinnacle Aura Flight, Scott Contessa Speedster 25...

Get thee to a bike shop. :tongue:
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