Hello from West Yorkshire


West Yorkshire
A little bit about me
Originally from Leeds, first bike when I was about 9, at the time Dad bought a second hand Lincoln Imp. When I went to secondary school I had been promised a better bike but family funds wouldn't permit much so I got the Lincoln Imp back in 69/70. Had it ever since, was going to do it up whilst at uni, but realised that the frame hanging up at the end of Dad's garage had a Double Butted 531 frame, forks and stays transfer on it so did that one (Dayton Elite) up instead.

Move on to 2004 and pressure from children family to get a better bike so ended up with a 2003 Ridgeback Bullit. Its a beautifully stealthy machine with an almost silent freewheel and gear changes.

Just before taking early retirement my wife and I joined a relatively local cycle group, who are more focused on enjoying their cycle rather than speed. They are a great bunch who don't leave people behind, and offer a range of rides. We currently go with the group doing 30-40 miles, but as our strength and ability has improved we are looking to improve the distance.

The Imp had been residing in Dad's garage since then, untouched except for occasionally pumping the tyres up. Selling my parents house forced me to bring the Imp home recently, and gave me a chance to take it out again. It may not be the lightest or fanciest bike but it brought back some great memories.


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