Hello I would like to know if anyone can tell me the brand of this bike.


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The answer is HM. Its from the US, likely one of the own brand bikes made for sporting goods shops or Walmart.
Are you in the US or UK or elsewhere?
One of our US members may have some more info so maybe he could comment further @Gravity Aided .
If you could post some more detailed pics we could have a go at dating it. At a guess I'd say from the eighties.
Looks reasonable quality with a steel or possibly a aluminium frame.
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The website leads me to believe there is a Swiss component involved. I never heard of these guys. If they claim to be supplying Wal Mart, they re invisible bikes. I live in a medium sized city in the Midwest, with 2 Super Wal Marts, and I haven't seen bikes in there for a couple of months. During the worst of Covid, no bikes in any of the big box stores. Then, there were a few, mostly kids bikes. Then the supply chain appeared to have frozen up again. Meijer, another big box store, had a good many bikes. All the same size and model and maker. Then none again. This is all in the Midwest, the coasts may have a different experience. Company calls themselves HM Bikes GmbH, leads me to think some sort of Teutonic origin. Appears to be rather mid-level, better than I have seen in big box stores. Looks like it may be older. Few hits in the U.S. search engines.
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