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Hello there,:hello:, good on you. Happy retirement and have lots of adventures on your bikes

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Hi and :welcome:


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NIce to see that post.
I am 68 and re-discovered cycling 3 years ago. A few health problems have set me back this last year but apart from that its surprising how you can get "bike fit" again.


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Hello jonlee - you could try looking at an electric bike. As long as you don't use it on power all the time you will still get some exercise. (There is a bloke near me, about 40, rides around on the flat on his electric bike without pedalling, I mean!!!) I am sure there will be a dealer near you - all the big bike shops are onto the idea now.


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Thanks all for your welcome. I have bought the two electric bikes for Christmas. Now looking for a suitable bike carrier. TRied the next dorr neighbour's Thule two bike but electric bikes are too heavy. Seems like I need a Thule 9403 - 3 bike carrier now
Hi and welcome and Happy New Year...

Our 2 off road touring bikes are quite heavy as well and we ended up buying a Thule 3 bike carrier which took a max load of something like 80kg, just to make sure that we were 'safe' with a 25 kg limit per bike. Our bikes come in at 22kg each. It also had the Shadrach's of being able to take an optional 4th bike with an adaptor so if the expedition bikes didn't go on holiday with us we could take both road and mountain bikes with us.
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