Hells bells another Radio 2 cycling feature


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This time the story was "should cyclists be forced to fit and use their bells?" It was the last item on today's show. I rang up and requested they exercise proper editorial control this time, as the last time, JV read out a ludicrous comment "cyclists have no rights and their opinions are void" from some idiotic irate motorist. I mentioned it was rather irresponsible to read out such intemperate and intolerant comments on live radio which just encourages drivers to take less care around cyclists. Cyclists are very vulnerable and a small proportion of drivers will try to run us off the road. We bruise and bleed easily and are some one's son, daughter, husband, wife, mum or dad or a good friend. The BBC has an obligation to promote public and road safety for all road users in such a debate therefore not condoning such unpleasant and potentially life threatening behaviour from drivers.

Anyway it was a reasonable piece. Most of the cyclists speaking seemed to be in the their 70s and male.

As soon as it kicked off the comment "cyclists should pay road tax and be insured just like other vehicles on the road" was read out :smile:.

Mather Bannister read out a number of comments from cyclists, one "I don't bother using a bell as I find shoulder barging a lot more effective if pedestrians don't get out the way". :sad:

Then all the usual ill informed rot about the many many people knocked down by cyclists who approach really fast from behind without warning and the abuse they shout at people who don't get out the way.


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Don't know why you bother listening, you know what you're going to get - it's the same as reading the Daily Mail.
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