Helmet cam - advice for a lazy Chuffy

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Er, I was thinking today how handy it would be to have a helmet cam, in case of 'incidents' etc.

I've never had one, don't own a helmet and have no idea where to start. Any tips?
I suppose you could fit it to your bars but I don't have a cam so I'm not relly best placed to advise. Could of done with one last evening, I went down an extremely long bus lane (Queen St/ York Pl, Edin, for those in the know). I was in the middle of the lane when a carr squeezed by at speed and carried on in the bus lane for some distance before cutting back into the general traffic lane at the lights. I hope the next time she does it somebody has a cam to catch her offence.

A good place to have a look is http://www.actioncameras.co.uk/Helmet_Cameras.html

They have a good selection of cameras from the cheaper (ATC-2000) to the more expensive!

I wouldn't necessarily buy from there though as you can often get it cheaper elsewhere. For example I now have the archos 404 set up http://www.actioncameras.co.uk/Archos_Helmet_Camera_Packages.html

I managed to get this a bit cheaper by shoping around (£209 in total)

If you need any further info just ask.

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