Helmet Cams resolution (contour HD)


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I'm about to click buy on a 1080 Contour HD... Just want to know - Is it possible to record in the standard low resolution of a 720p version? I.e. can I set it to ContourHD720 resolution using PC/Mac software.

I'd be using low quality on commutes, and want maximum recording time really...


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In answer to your question, yes. But it records at 60fps, i don't think it saves as much space as you think.
Having the bit rate lower will save more space, but slightly lower recording quality.
How much time do you need? and can you charge at work?


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Ahh I mean can I use the 1080p version to record at the same quality as the lowest quality on a 720? I do see your point about the 60fps though - uses about 1.8 times at much space as 30 fps, if running at same resolution...

Ahh this camera/pixel malarkey!!!


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You can set it to 720p @ 30fps as well as 720p @ 60fps.
On the 1080p forum some techie guys have really tested the 1080p and the general opinion is the quality of the 720p video produced on the Contour HD 1080p is not as good as the 1080p video produced on the Contour HD 1080p, if that makes any sense.
If your are really only interested in 720p then save yourself some cash and just buy the Contour HD 720p.
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