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Bell introduced the modern polystyrene cycling helmet in 1975 (before then bike racers, rugby players, aeronauts and mountaineers wore protective leather caps).

First constructed to protect the skull by crushing on impact, there has been little aesthetic or material innovation in their design over the years but as the marketing (and wearing) of helmets increased so has the conversation about whether they are an effective "safety" device (none of the manufacturers sell them as safety helmets or mention safety on their websites or marking materials) and whether wearing them should be made compulsory.

In cycling forums, blogs, magazines, cafes and elsewhere cyclists continue to debate the efficacy of the modern-day cycling helmet as a safety device, with strong opinions about the usefulness (or not) of helmets and equally about whether everyone who cycles should be made to wear one.

Interestingly, despite the many years that helmets have been manufactured, marketed, sold and worn, there is no clear scientific evidence to prove (or disprove) their effectiveness as a safety device.

Manufacturers do not appear to be interested in clearly establishing the safety worth of their helmets either, since they don't sell them as safety devices (the safety aspect is assumed by cyclists and/or their influencers).

Therefore, amongst cycling groups the world over the discussion about the effectiveness of helmets as a safety device and the mandatory wearing of them (enforced by law) continues apace.

This sub-forum is CycleChat's contribution to that discussion, and since the efficacy of helmets as a safety device is directly linked with the discussion about whether wearing them should be made mandatory, both of these components are up for discussion in this sub-forum.


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