Helmet reccomendations.


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Cycling helmets are personal things. They are all shaped different that fit different shaped heads. People can recommend a helmet but it doesn't mean it will fit you or feel comfortable. So the best thing to do is go to a lbs or Halfords, try a few on. When you have found one you like, check the internet to see if you can get one at a price that is favourable to you.


Halfords - for all their failing - do have a decent range of helmets.

You'll find certain brands fit different types of heads. My head is a Bell or Giro - but I can never find a Met or Specialized that is comfy.


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The ones at the very bottom of the market are worth avoiding - they have very little in the way of adjustment - you do need to be able to adjust the fit at the back as well as the straps to get a decent fit normally.


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Halfords was the only place I could find one big enough to fit my U2 massive heed. Bell.

Prior to that (several moons ago) I had a Specialized, and it never really fitted me properly, just seemed to perch at the front and back of my head.


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I use a Selev which are little known but used to be seen in the TdF fairly often. I think if you feel you should wear a helmet (he says being very, very careful not to kick off the helmet debate:o) then I think you should head for at least the mid-price range ones rather than the cheaper ones as they offer more adjustability and more protection.



I have a Bell shaped head it seems, my old Specialized one if falling apart (the forehead padding is anyway) so i'll be getting a Bell Lumens, tried one in in Halfords and it's so much more comfortable and better fitting than the current one! Got paid yesterday so i will get one this week...

It's the same with Motorbike helmets - i'm a Shoei shape and find Arai hurt!
1. Make sure it fits
2. Make sure it is adjustable so you can wear a Buff or similar if you wish
3. Highest standard possible (Snell B90 or B95)
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