Helmets by Country


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Anyone ever coma across a chart of what European countries you are required to wear a helmet, and how rigourously it is policed, and what might be imminent. I'm specifically interested in the Scandanavian countries, but curious about the rest as well.


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I believe it's mandatory in Spain!! Although sometimes you can get away without them.
Not Norway, Sweden or Dennmark

However helpful link says

"In four of these countries the law covers children only, while in Finland and Spain everybody should wear a helmet when cycling."

I was in Finland in Summer 2007 and Spain in Summer 2006 - no Helmet - nobody said anything



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In germany the roadies live dangerously and take off their canvass helmet covers revealing their polished helmets and shiny roof rods. The GCTC however insists that canvass helmet covers be worn at all times.


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Germany has lots of strange rules, apparently, (heard of the manadatory dynamo lights one?) but a bike shop owner I asked just said 'Don't worry about it, Germany is crazy, nobody takes any notice'. That seems to apply for most places so I'd say just do whatever you feel most comfortable doing. Some places you might feel safer with one on though!
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