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I was passing some time yesterday reading about helmets,I did not know they had a shelf life,three to five years.Well mine is a lot older than that.So I looked it over oh boy what a manky condition it is in.So I have spotted one on Planet x web site.Are they a good company.
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I've got three On-One lids from PX, cheap but perfectly fine.


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Get what you pay for. No free delivery or returns so you’d need to cough up if it doesn’t fit.
Can’t speak to their helmets, I have an odd shaped head it seems so only very few helmets fit and are comfortable!


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Same as Vickster, I've an odd shaped, squareish head and many helmets are too circular for me so I wouldn't buy a new brand without trying one first. See if you can borrow or try one where possible. POC and Giro are the only known good fit makes on me, there might be others but I haven't found them yet. I've found a few that dug into my forehead however.

"Shelf life" is a pure marketing tool, whether a helmet needs replacing just comes down to the condition of it, whether it has it suffered impact, been cut, punctured, or yes, maybe even if it's just manky and offensive. A lightly used lid won't suddenly melt at the 5 year point but you did the right thing, you inspected it and decided it probably needed replacing.


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So I have spotted one on Planet x web site.Are they a good company.
I've bought stuff from Planet X. They were OK, they sent me the right stuff. No comment on their hats tho. I prefer to buy them in a shop so I can check the fit.


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Not starting a debate but if helmets are of no use anyway why would an 'out of date ' one be a problem?
Even anti-helmet-compulsionists and non-wearers like me don't say that helmets are of no use, rather that they are of limited use, and that in some circumstances they may make matters worse - but that's a long and storied argument.

The expiry is when the polystyrene perishes and loses its compressive strength, and instead of compressing and absorbing the energy of impact and reducing peak G-forces, it just crumbles and fails, removing the only thing it's actually good for.


So again, would something that's of little use or could make things worse matter if it was old?

In your opinion obviously, not anal enough to ask for a link.

Sorry, re-read your post in which you eloquently explain.
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I have bought some stuff from Planetx - not much but a few things
Had a problem with one thing - rang up and they just sent a replacement - didn't even ask for the old one to be returned or any kind of proof

As far as helmets are concerned - I wouldn't buy one unless I could try it on.

I have a good reason for wearing one - it makes my wife feel better about me wandering round road for hours on end - hence it is easier when she sees a new parcel arrive containing 'something for the bike'!!!

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It does if you think helmets are important, I assumed from your comment that you don't, then I can't see it matters.

Apologies if I've misinterpreted your post.
Answering first part, which is exactly what my post you replied to said! I think “believe in helmets“ and “helmets are important” can be viewed as same viewpoint. Yes?
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