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Fire services in Liverpool are trialling two Motorbikes equipped as fire engines. They're mainly for small fires but can put out burning cars.

Looks like an good idea to me, just think how quickly these could get to the scene compared to the big fire engines in traffic.

Link here


Saw this on the news, not sure I'd want to go out to a car fire in Liverpool on my own, you might as well have a big target on your back.


It sounds like a great idea for rapidity but like Velvet says above, wouldn't like to be on my tod putting out a fire-ridden estate in a crime-ridden estate if you know what I mean.


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Presumably the fire brigades have the nouse not to send a lone operative to a dodgy area... Or the riders will have instructions to be aware of surroundings and if necessary wait for back up. Just having someone on scene quickly to make an assessment is a bonus, even if they can't fight the fire.

Good idea, just like cops and paramedics on bikes.


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