Help choosing a bike?


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I'm completly new to cycling I'm getting a bike on a bike to work scheme and not riddin one in years.
It's about 2.5 miles each way and all road.
I've been looking at a hybrid bike the main two I'm drawn towrds are Claud Butler urban 200 and the Felt QX65. any one got any experience of these or could recommend a good bike around the £250-£325 mark?




I would go with as high a budget as you can as - so the £300 pound end of it if you can afford it. Go for plain - nothing fancy like suspension or other tricks. At this price, any extras are going to be cheap and reduce the quality of the main components.

At these price ranges, most bikes are similar - and probably made in the same factory. Stick with the well known brands - such as Specialized, Trek, Giant, Kona, Scott etc.

Of the two given, I would personally go for the Felt - my other half has an old Claud Butler Urban 400 and they are VERY heavy.

You really need to check out some bikes to see how they fit - that's going to be the differential between the bikes at these prices. Anyway, it's an excuse to hit the shops and try out some toys... Also, if you can bear it, and you're new to cycling, try out some more expensive bikes so you can get an idea on what improves as the price goes up - it'll help you target the bike you want.
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