Help!...I cant find a German cycle map!


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Bigtallfatbloke said:

Looking at this general map it would seem to me that D-Route 9 runs pretty much exactly where I want to where can I buy a copy of the route 9 map(s)?

I have tried on google but either I am a dumbass or I didnt search for the right thing...probably both:rolleyes:xx(.

Try ringing Standfords in London 020 7836 1321

Or use their web site


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There is probably an Esterbauer guide for it, even though the guide is in German, the map key will be in English and the map are generally very good (which is more that can be said for their web site). not sure of you chosen route but it will be covered by one of these, click on the blank looking map of Germany to see where they cover...

I have just found the link to the bit of the Esterbauer site which is in English, unfortunately the guides you need are only in German.


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If your looking just for a map you only need the michelin regional maps to plan your route. Germany has well posted routes everywhere with maps at the junctions. Once you find the Wesser river you'll find the signs. If you need additional information on the history, routes and places to stay visit the local tourist office, they have everything you'll need for free.
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