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I have been mountain biking for 2 years. Looking to spend £2,500- £3,000 on a upgrade. Want 29er, as light as possible. Have looked at Cannondale lefty, Specialized stump jumper and Niner Air 9. Any suggestions, I am totally confused


well at that sort of money you will have no problem on the quality of the bike or its components its just pick the one that fits you best

look on the reviews on bikerader ,
My vote for the Niner as I'm looking to get one of those too and I have a couple of friends who rate them very highly.

Cannondale are great, though they carry a little too much prestige for the name and therefore the components spec may be a bit lower than the Niner.

I've never got on with Specialized's geometry, always their cockpits a bit short.

Orbea also make some great frames.
Loch side.
You are in the market for a custom job. Select the frame you want, the fork you want, have someone build you a nice set of wheels using Chris King or Hope hubs in an accented colour and select each and every component for best of breed. At the high end getting a stock bike is just so boring and besides, the moment of ecstasy is over too quickly. If you spec it yourself, it takes a few weeks to get all the parts together and then it still has to be built up. You can spend two months just speccing it on paper, nevermind sourcing the bits and pieces.

Here, let me spend your money for you.

Frame: Santa Cruz Highball in matt and gloss black.
Fork: Rock Shox Reba or Sid in black with hydraulic lockout.
Wheels: Chris King hubs (red) on Spank Oozy chrome silver.
Spokes; Sapim Race in silver. Nipples: SApim Brass black.
Groupset: Shimano XT or for BP500 more, XTR electronic.
Seatpost: Rock Shox Dropper.
Handlebars. PRO electronic-ready.
Headset and BB: Chris King.

For an extra quirk, why not fit a Lefty fork with Rock Shox hydraulic lockout?
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