Cateye computer is malfunctioning


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I have tried to download the instruction manual but I just get a load of goobleygook coding in a word doc (something is probably wrong my end).

I have a Cateye velo 5 bottom of the range computer. Everything on it is fine except the distance function which is not working when I spin the wheel. The magnet is in place and all connections seem ok (although it behaves as if there is a loose connection i.e it works intermitantly for a few seconds then goes off again).

It has not got wet and I can timagine it's a battery fault as all the other funtions are ok and the display looks normal.:sad::wacko::eek::wacko:

I tried a gentle tap....should I beat it harder?xx(:smile:


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South Beds.
Did you say that your son had fiddled with the settings BTFB? IIRC you can do a reset by holding in all the buttons....try that..xx(


New Member he had a watch that was on german time...would a reset loose my odometer level? I am proud of my 2766.1 km on it...which of course doesnt include todays efforts:biggrin:
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