Help - Questions from my 5 yo!


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Disgruntled Goat said:
Do pigs have belly buttons?

Why is fog?
Do pigs have belly buttons? No they have pork balls.

Why is fog? Because it is cheaper than smog.


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Rigid Raider said:
Yes and pigs have six or eight nipples too. Wish I'd married one.
Why would you want to marry a pig because of the eight nip-nips? You only have two hands.


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tdr1nka said:
Fog is just a cloud that doesn't leave the ground.

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That explains what it is, not why

Elmer Fudd

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Fog is because the sun is mostly blocked by higher water vapour. It can heat the ground up enough to warm it and release vapour but not enough to force the water vapour into the upper hemisphere.

However, for a 5yo I agree that the "a cloud that can't fly" is a very good answer !
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