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Hi have a pop up sink plug that is worked by twisting a knob on the sink.

I've tried googling, but all I find is articles about the spring loaded push type (push to close, push to open), or the type that is worked by levers and rods behind the taps (I can fix those!).
This is what it looks like underneath the knob:

And then the cable you see there goes to a fitting where the plug hole is.


The plug is stuck in the down position.

Any ideas, please?


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Common advice seems to favour trying to get a screwdriver under it and try lifting it.
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Just give it a good strong puff from the waste side. Remember - don't inhale :whistle:


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My money is on Spinney having decided we're a bunch of loons and it is better to close this thread down pronto. :whistle:
We're all loons, that's why the place is entertaining! :laugh:

Have fished the plug itself out, so will now contemplate what to do. It's only the utility room sink, so doesn't affect important things like making tea...

The control knob is a bit loose, so it may just be a matter of tightening that up. Then there's a black knob on the box thingy below the plug, so fiddling with that is No. 2 on the list. Some kind of adjustment for plug height, I'm guessing.
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