Help - what pannier rack can I put on my bike?


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I have recently purchased a 2011 Giant Bowery Mashup, and am enjoying it very much:

This is my first Giant bike, and it is rapidly proving to be a great commuter. I do have a support question though which I am hoping someone can help me with. I took it in to my bike-store to ask this question, and they were unable to help me.

There are two eyelet holes just above the tension adjuster on the rear-fork, visible on the online pic if you zoom in:

I would like to know what these are for? I was hoping I could use them to put a light pannier rack onto the bike, but the mechanic at my bike-store couldnt find a bike-rack that would fit. Is this what they are for, and what sort of rack could i use?

I desperately need a rack on this bike, as I'm primarily using it for commuting, and I don't like the seat-post racks I've seen so far.

Greatly appreciate your help!
What did they mean by "not fit"?

Options are many and varied, and I have yet to meet a bike that would not take a rack.

Worst case scenarios are axle mounts, p clips and seat collar adaptors.


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They said the racks they have won't thread through the eyelot holes I pointed out in my post. Ideally, I'd like a rack that uses these holes, but if they're not meant for a rack, what are they for?

Also - looks like I mistakenly double-posted my question. Whoops, sorry - browser glitch. Can someone delete my second post, or can I do so myself?
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