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Always wanted a single speed bike and just picked up a really cheap Kaffenback frame (Planet X), in black ( I'm trying to spec out parts on a budget but I want something that will last and look the part. As this is my first build I'm not really sure exactly what bits and bobs I need, was going for the following;

1x Kaffenback frame (black)
1x Planet X A57 wheel set.
1x Seat post.. will just pickup a cheapo.
1x Stem... again will pickup a cheap one.
1x Drop bar, spotted one for a tenner on ebay.
1x fork, going for a red carbon one - will this look okay? Maybe stick with black.
1x black saddle, in stock from my box-o-junk. Maybe buy a new white one depending on cost.
1x chain set - any recommendations?
1x brake, again any recommendations? Also mount front or rear? In terms of setup would like it mounted on the top bar of the drops... if that makes sense
Going for white bar tape.

Anything else I need/alternative recommendations? I know for certain I would have missed out something obvious
Also with regard gear ratios, I'm guessing I just ride around on my normal bike, try not to change gear and pick which ratio suits best?

Appreciate your advice, its quite a bit of money to pay out and I don't want to get it wrong :S


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Have a look at these sites:

You'll pick up some useful information and get some idea of what you might have to spend and maybe some of the snags you'll come across.
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