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Should I stick with my Carrera Crossfire 2 Hybrid Bike 2011/2012 or buy a new road bike?

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Hi all,

I am new to cycling and really have the bug for it now. I want to enter a charity bike ride next year (London to Paris).

I made a big mistake when i bought my bike because i didn't think i would like riding so much, and it was just to stop using the car so much. The bloke in the shop said a hybrid was best (not his fault, at the time in was the best for me) so i ended with a Carrera Crossfire 2 Hybrid Bike 2011/2012. I can get about an avg of 16mph over 20 - 50 miles.

Now to the problem i have. Today after 18 miles my chain came off and cause a lot of damage to the bike. It is covered under the warranty but will take up to 3 weeks to get fixed due to waiting for parts. Now with the London to paris ride i was going to buy a new bike 2 - 3 months before.

Should with all this in mind, should i buy the new bike now to keep my trainning going or should I suck it and wait??

If i should buy a new one which one and what should i look for as i have no idea? I have been looking at halfords, are any of these any good and if so which ones?

Thank you for reading the long post :-)


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ask the shop doing the repair under wnty to loan you a bike as the failure was not your fault


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What's the budget for the road bike? This has been hailed for the best value for money out there, probably under £500, over £500 it'll be a different game to some extent. It'll take a rack and mudguards for the Paris ride if required

You will need 2 bikes if you have the bug and 3 or more bikes once you really get the bug :whistle:
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