Help with roads marked A

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You mean "A-roads". A road with a number prefixed with an A and signage on a green background. Yes, its perfectly legal to ride on them (Unless there is a "No cycling" sign displayed).


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Most A-roads where cycling is prohibited have an (M) suffix - like the A1(M). They're essentially motorways, and you wouldn't want to be on them!!
You'll also find stretches of A-roads where cycling is prohibited, normally where there's tunnels or some such. The A505 Baldock bypass and bits of the A55 in North Wales spring to mind.


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As said, it really depends on the road. For instance, in and around Warwick there are two A roads that spring to mind. A4177... which is perfectly ok to cycle on, it's more like a B road with a 50mph limit. But the A46 ... no way hose. It has no (M) after it but it is like a motorway... a very fast dual carriageway with 3 carriageways in parts. the only thing that gives it away before the slip road onto it is the sign for the "alternative cycle route".

So really i think it's all down to your own judgement. I think that an A road with a 50mph limit is ok, but once the A road start becoming dual carriageways with a national speed limit sign (so 70mph) i think i would start considering alternative routes.


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A couple of very general 'rules':

The smaller the number, the more busy the A road. So the A1 is generally bigger and busier than the A1079. Although I wouldn't choose to ride on the A1079, unless I was needing to ride as fast as I can. It's not a perfect rule, but it's a clue.

The other thing is that an A road in an urban area may well be more attractive to ride than in a rural area, because it's likely to have a lower speed limit. So I'm happy on the Fulford Road, but I wouldn't be keen on riding on it once it leaves York and becomes known just as the A19.

Generally, I use A roads in town, but try to avoid them when out riding for fun, unless I really have to use one. B or unclassified roads are just nicer. The first tour I did, I rode the A1079 to Beverley, and then once over the Humber Bridge, took to the A17 (or was it the A15?) for a while into Lincoln. Madness, and I didn't know any better at the time. Much nicer to take a slightly longer route on the back roads.


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I've actually seen a few cyclists on the Robin Hood stretch of the A3, don't see the point, when there is adequate paths on the side.


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Ausra said:
Thanks for help. I was looking mainly roads between Liverpool and Manchester - I'd prefer to ride this direction. I even don't know Liverpool as a town, so I don't want to lose myself somewhere in Wales. :ohmy:

Sounds to me like you've got the hang of the Uk already! Keen to get out of Scouserpool and avoid Wales! :laugh:

(puts helmet on)


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Ausra, have you been to Wales? It's a beautiful country. Why don't you put the bike on a train and go there one day? (I suggest the train because there really are some nasty A roads between you and Wales!)


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A-roads vary a lot and much of it is personal preference. Why not start a thread about some of the roads you might be going on and I'm sure people will post up a bit of knowledge.


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Ausra said:
I joined CC in Liverpool, bet their "club ride" means "going non-stop 60 miles". I don't know - maybe it is the only way you ride here in UK? Sometimes I like just to ride slowly, even if I have road bicycle.

You need to come on an East Yorkshire posse ride some time. I've been known to fit 3 cafe/pub stops into 50 miles*. Plus additional cake carried for emergencies.

Just today we did 45 miles or so, with icecream and pasties.

I think what you call riding slowly, I would call 'pootling' - just ambling along, enjoying the countryside, seeing what's to be seen. Nothing wrong with that at all!

*a couple of months back, I joined a ride that managed 3 cafe stops in 27 miles!:wahhey:
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