Help with sound before it drives me mad please


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HI all hopefully someone can help with this.

I have noticed this week an annoying sound coming when i cycle its like a rubbing sound, it appears to be come from one of the wheels the issue is when i get off the bike and spin the wheels there is no sound at all, the sound comes when i pedal or free wheel.
Does anybody have any ideas as its driving me nuts.


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Are your brake pads in the right position and with enough clearance? Just wondering if the weight of you on the bike distorting the tyre slightly is enough for it to just catch on an incorrectly adjusted brake pad?
What sort of callipers are you using? I've found that the callipers on my 105 equipped bike need recentering a bit, when I've been on a particularly long or bumpy ride. Like @Panter says, adjust them with someone sat on the bike, as the wheels / tyres tend to flex a bit.


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im guessing its wheel/brakes based as it does it is in sync with the wheels turning and does it when both peddling and free wheeling also when out of the saddle


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What wheels have you ?
On my Fulcrums, there's a rubber seal on the non drive side of the axle, when it got dry it squeeked a bit (rubbing against the axle I suppose). A quick bit of oil wiped over it stopped it instantly.

Worth a lookee.
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