here we go again: Vino

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Steve Austin

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oh bugger :biggrin:
Gutted and very angry. I liked Vino and was full of admiration for the way he fought for his pride and self-respect after his Tour seemed to be over. How bloody stupid are these people? :biggrin::smile:!:biggrin:


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nooooooooo!!! that is terrible news. i'm gutted, its so hard to follow a rider and not suspect them of doping, it shouldnt be like that!


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Chuffy said:
What price the Tour being stopped? With the Rasmussen case still rumbling I bet the organisers would almost be relieved to pull the plug.
Far too much cash invested! They'd be sued by every sponsor, TV company, drug manufacturer, etc. etc.

The Tour would continue even if there was only me an' thee left in it!!
(and I know you're on drugs!!)


The only thing that shocks me is that he got caught. I always felt Vino was going to be one of those that was 'prepared' well enough to go undetected. I also began to naively think he might actually be clean given the way he failed to recover from the time trial.

Oh well, normal service resumed. I'll keep watching though, as I have done every year since I can remember.


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dammit, this tour was the best for a long time.

Don't care about Vino, just want to see Contador battle it out properly with Rasmussen!
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