here we go again: Vino


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Steve Austin said:
Where is Millar overall?
76th and Wegelius is 61st (before the Astana withdrawls). Shall we play that game we had on C+ where we tried to guess where Boardman would have finished if all the dopers were kicked out?

Mr Phoebus

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Chances are one or two more will be caught before this tour's over.
It's all cat and mouse.


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Gutted actually.

It's my first tour, and the London depart fired me up enough to get rid of those thoughts that pro cycling's just a bunch of druggies. I did wonder yesterday at Vino's come back if he'd test positive, but assumed he wouldn't. I feel really disappointed.

My C+ wallchart is now compromised!!!

Rob S

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Here we go again....reminds me of Tyler Hamilton...his Tour story is more than just riding and winning a stage, he's battling injuries too and then they fail a test :biggrin:

There I was thinking his emphatic win followed by a very bad day was 'evidence' that just maybe he was riding clean and was actually tired from such an effort...a couple of days later and he's failed a dope test:angry:


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i think the worse thing is that i was starting to appreciate his efforts and dispel my latent cynicism.

makes me feel even more gutted.

what a nob.

Tim Bennet.

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Brilliant news. One up for the guys in white hats. The whole Vino / Astana thing made my skin crawl. The whole set up using old Eastern Bloc ethics to project nationalistic pride was grim.

The big selling point to join their team was they could offer out of the way training places, the best of the 'training methods' from doctors who had made a career in the Soviet era of cheating, and a police force you could guarentee would never go snooping around in any one's freezer. No wonder they attracted the sort of riders they did.

It adds credibility to the 'Men in Black' stories. Now I wonder who else was one of them?


It reminds of that old adage; if it looks too good to be true - it probably is. His 'recovery' from the previous week was just a little bit too fast for my liking and I commented to my wife on Sat, that I was not happy with his TT. It just reminded me too much of Landis's 'Jack Daniels' induced ride last year. Equally, while I loved watching Rasmussen and Contador duking out on the moutains for the last couple of days, my cynical side is just starting to wonder......

I had really hoped that this year we might see a clean one. Fat chance it seems, too much money, too much prestige and too much belief (hope) that 'drugs are for winners'.

I just hope that Team Borat have some idea and inkling on what damage they have inflicted on the sport.


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What a ballbag! Now I'll have to suffer even more "ho ho, taken any drugs today Wogan?" jibes when I arrive at work on my bike.

The idealist in me wishes that the roadside fans will turn their backs on tomorrow's stage and let the Tour go by in silence. Show the riders how p*ssed off we are.


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I am pleased the tour organisers invited a team withdrawal. Glad he's been found out. Gutted for the image of the sport, once again. This year is even more farcical than last year. At least last year we got to Paris before it all unravelled.

You've got to suspect Rasmussen and Contador now too. Frankly no-one is beyond suspicion. Reading some of the comments in the Rasmussen thread, THIS is why we are way beyond the "innocent until proven guilty" premise.


In my books they should of binned off Rasmussen AND obviously what they've done with Astana....

Societe du Tour are getting a right royal buggering !

They must love it too ~ considering they are coming across as total hypocrits...they just haven't gone through with what they said cleaning the sport up no riders muddying the tour etc...


'Nother thing I can't understand why Astana are still listed on the tour site this point in time !


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Deal, Kent
Has any one else made the connection........

both Landis & Vini were riding BMC bikes when they screwed up the TDF!
maybe we should ban BMC fom being a supplier?:biggrin:
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