Hi everyone! Can anyone help with any information about this bike.Its a BSA beaver with white Raleigh wheels


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Raleigh acquired the BSA bicycle manufacturing facilities in the late 50's, and to some degree from that point on they were little more than rebadged Raleigh's. Therefore, having Raleigh branded componentry is common, and the later the machine the more it is likely to have.

My gut call on this one is circa mid 60's to mid 70's, more likely the later part of that date range jusdging by the cable routing, so not terribly old. If you're interested in the age then the rear hub is liable to have a date code, as are some other components. Is there a frame number visible anywhere?

The frame construction, particularly the cast lugs and rear triangle arrangement, mark it as a fairly low end machine, so even in its day it was likely an inexpendive machine.

Unlikely to be valuable, but on the plus side it looks like it wouldnt take a lot to make it into a rideable machine with plenty of life left in it.
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Hello and :welcome: to the forum Dazman.

I’d guess it’s more sixties than seventies. As Drago says it would have a date stamped on the Sturmey Archer hub but it doesn’t appear to have one. Its been styled after an American cruiser bike but they would never to have been able to market it there due to the connotations with the name :smile:.
Will make a nice retro project.
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is it a children's bike?
Yes, it looks like a 24" wheel kids bike.

"nice beaver!" as no ones else has yet...:whistle:


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I'm pretty sure this is the bike I had as a 10 year old, albeit in metallic blue. I knew it was a BSA but not the model. It was second hand when I got it and the decals worn off so I don't recall the 'Beaver' bit. I don't think it will be worth much though as even then it was considered a very poor relation to the Raleigh Chopper etc.

When I was 10 it was officially the fastest bike in the world though, if that information helps at all.
That's definitely a kid's bike, and I'd hazard a guess that the wheels are much smaller than 24". Looks to be a similar size, geometry and vintage to my Hercules, albeit the latter has rod brakes and the seat stays are decidedly chunkier.
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