Hi from San Francisco

I'm not technically a newbie, I guess, but I'm not sure how many people on CC these days will remember me.

I'm Cathryn, I was an active CC member about 5 or 6 years ago when we lived in Yorkshire. I was very much into touring and cycling as transport. Then we had a baby and moved to San Francisco, and I got into trail running and pretty much stopped cycling!!

But this February I got my first road bike and I've signed up for my first century ride and I can feel the bike bug seeping back into my veins so i thought I should probably come back, say hi, join the fun and start bugging you all with questions for this road newbie!

So hi!

Falco Frank

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Oup Norf'

Please send some decent weather back to Yorkshire again :cry:


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Hi. I might be in SF in a few weeks. I'm still tempted to get a brompton for my international travels but it comes down to another city, I just prefer walking.

Anyway, congrats on the new bike. Which one did you get?


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Hello Cathryn, I remember you and often wondered if you were still out there with a young son! And I still have though very faded the pink gilet you recommended!


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You jammy blighter, I love SF
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