Hi - having fun with my new ebike


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Having abandoned cycling, I bought myself an ebike and cycling is now as much fun as when I was 8. I'm now not intending to grow up.

Living just outside a village within commuter distance of Aberdeen, I'm staring a lot at the couple of miles of 70mph dual carriageway that its a long divert to avoid. So I might grump about cycling infrastructure a lot.

I've an allergy to those horrid Cyclists Dismount signs - I reckon at almost every one is an admission of design failure (the exception I know about is the Garve level crossing in Ross-shire where many a long tour has come to grief).


Hello to you Debra, and it's lovely to welcome you to this friendly forum :smile:
Yes, those pesky cyclists dismount signs are breeding and annoying. Some of them are placed in locations that make no sense, where cycling is safe and low traffic.
Never grow up :smile: and keep enjoying your ebike. I was tempted to get one recently, but my body needs to exercise, and so convinced me otherwise! Do you have many leisure riding routes up there in bonnie Aberdeen?
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