Hi newbie here, bike advice needed.

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by sheva, 29 Jun 2008.

  1. sheva

    sheva Well-Known Member

    Hi all. been cycling fairly regularly for 18 months now and I`m looking to upgrade now I know I`ll stick at it.
    My current bike is a cheap and nasty thing I bought for £100 just to see if cycling really interested me (jogging bored me and the exercise bike in the house was ok but didn`t like going nowhere).
    I want to commute to work, less than 4 miles , and use it for weekend cycling on roads and trails through woods/parks etc.
    Don`t want to spend lots and I`ve been looking at this:

    any good? any better recommendations? cheers in advance.
  2. OP

    sheva Well-Known Member

    thanks for the reply mate, think I`m going to go for It. At that kind of price If I can get three years out of it I`ll be well happy. cheers.
  3. Hi and welcome to CC.
    I went from old cheap bike to something a bit nicer and it has been really good. You will feel the difference.
    Go for 3 ring front unless you live in Holland it makes life so much easier. Spec looks good on the model you highlight. Just one gripe I would never get a black bike as they are harder to see.
  4. water

    water New Member

    Got myself a Marin Muirwoods from Winstanleysbikes for £319 and I reckon it's a steal:thumbsup:.Chro-mo frame and forks and a 'respectable' mix of Shimano components.Weighs in at 26Lbs and actually looks good too.
    26in wheels should suit nicely the type of riding you mention.I will use as a winter bike and fit a rack for carrying my camera gear/tripod/food etc on day outs.I have the tyres pumped up hard for my mainly road use and it is surprisingly fast/nimble.
    Similar bikes to the Specialized you mention, from Giant/Trek/Kona/Ridgeback etc, are all good bikes and worth a look.
    Enjoy whichever one you choose:smile:,
  5. OP

    sheva Well-Known Member

    thanks again for the replies. not got round to getting new bike yet, I`ve been loaned a bike just to get the feel of things and see the difference between mine and something a bit better/more suited.
    I don`t know much technically but it`s a muddy fox thats been stripped and rebuilt using better front shocks, new gearing and various other bits.
    It`s a complete revelation compared to mine, took it out for just under three hours yesterday and it was brilliant.
  6. Soltydog

    Soltydog Guru

    near Hornsea
    I've got the Globe sport 2007 model. I mainly use it for commuting, 16+ miles on cycle paths & it is more than up to the task.
    I've also done the TPT & C2C tours on it.

    I found the original tyres rather easy to puncture :angry:After suffering 3 times on my way to work one day i changed to Marathon + & not had any issues since.

    I bought mine at a LBS & although he couldn't offer a discount he threw in a pair of mudguards & a rear rack, so maybe get a better deal at your LBS than online.
  7. OP

    sheva Well-Known Member

    Decided to take advantage of the cycle2work scheme and while i still fancy the specialised further up this thread my employers c2w scheme insists i use Halfords.
    now i could get them to order me a spec in and buy without trying it out. alternatively, they have this bike in stock.

    Is it comparable to the specialised globe?
    my LBS hasn`t got a globe I can try out and anyway I`d feel bad wasting the shops time if I was buying elsewhere.

  8. HelenD123

    HelenD123 Veteran

    sheva, Halfords can order you virtually any bike through the cycle to work scheme. I enquired about a Specialized and there was no problem about getting one through them.
  9. Andy in Sig

    Andy in Sig Vice President in Exile

    I would also suggest avoiding front suspension. If you do find the frame a bit hard you can always invest in a really good suspension seat post like the Thudbuster. Not cheap but absolutely brilliant.
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