Hills in Hants?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by RCU, 19 May 2017.

  1. RCU

    RCU Regular

    Specifically within about 15-20 miles of Basingstoke town center.

    Fairly new to the area and looking to find some decent lumps in the road. Nothing is too long or too steep. Something suitable for some quick repeats when time is short would be great too.

    Thanks, and hi!
  2. Bollo

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    Close by - NCN 23 takes you South under the M3 through Cliddesdon and up to Ellisfield Green. A bit of a sod going up, but you can hit 70kmph going down. Carry on the NCN all the way to Alresford and it's up and down most of the way. Carry on a bit further and you're in the South Downs NP.

    To the north west you've got Hannington (TV mast visible from most of Basingstoke). This would work for a short blast. Go the other side of that and you've got Kingsclere and the chain of hills on the Hants/Berkshire border, which includes Watership Down, Coombe Gibbet and Walbury Hill, highest hill in south east England.
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  3. DP

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  4. jay clock

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    Hampshire UK
  5. Bollo

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    @RCU just seen your last post in 'introductions'. If you're up by the hospital, then Hannington and points north and west are deco the directions to head for hills.

    I'm in Basingstoke Tuesday and Thursdays from about 4:45pm as my daughter skates at the local ice rink. I sometimes bring the bike and have a quick blast for an hour or so. If you can get to the leisure park at that time, I'd be happy to show you one or two routes to get you started. PM me if you're interested (click on your name at the top, then conversations, then start a new convo.)
  6. OP

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    Awesome. Thanks for the suggestions I'll add them all to the list.

    I stayed in Thatcham for a few months last year and rode Streatley Hill, that one hurt just a bit far to get back there from here.

    @Bollo I'll take you up on that offer. Normally finish work at 17:30 or so but I should be able to arrange an early mark one Thursday. I'll PM you.

    Thanks again.
  7. Broadside

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    Fleet, Hants
    Good suggestions from @Bollo already. I would add that you should get down to Alton and go up Church Lane out of Holybourne, for the area it is quite tough.

    There is another climb up the same ridge through a hamlet called Yarnhams that you can pick out on a map. All doable in a 20-25 mile loop from the A340 by the hospital.
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