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...re the food thread....how on earth do you guys carry all this stuff whilst your cycling? fig rolls, sandwiches, jam, haribo, breakfast bars, electrolyte drink, water, lucozade, flapjacks, pasta etc....do you have you mrs drive behind you passing food into your mouths as your cycling along at 20 mph???....
bottles in bottle cages - food in back pockets

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On the charity ride I did yesterday my pockets and saddle pack were crammed when I started off. On a normal club ride there's a café stop in the middle so I don't carry any food, yesterday there was no planned stop so I was carrying food, a cereal bar, several pieces of malt loaf and a banana, so my glasses had to go in the saddle pack to make room for the food.


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I wouldn't carry food for any ride less than 60 miles and for rides up to 45 miles I find 1 750ml bottle sufficient.
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