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hehe, thank you!

last night got to play with a sink drain auger!

problem solved, but an hour on my knees under the kitchen sink didn't get the reaction I was expecting from Wifey (meaning, a big thank you for saving us from hiring the plumber for this same job again)

luckily, last time, the plumber installed a "clean-out" access under the sink, making the job easier

the push button lock on the auger doesn't hold well, so I had to tape it when using it with the drill

afterwards, I discovered we have an additional "clean out" access further down the line, DOH!

I resorted to using some liquid plumber gel after using the auger, because the auger alone didn't do the trick

if I had known about the 2nd "clean-out" access point, I probably wouldn't have needed it, but not entirely sure (because of it's location)

anyway Wifey promises to put less food down the drain & to use more water to flush it all down (we have a garbage disposal in this location)

our family (except me) is so concerned with conserving water, that they don't use enough water when using the sink

I tried to explain (several times) that water (unfortunately) is used to carry waster along in the pipes. and the kitchen sink drain has a very gentle slope before reaching the vertical main house drain. it's practically horizontal!


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Second coat of emulsion applied to lounge walls in No1 daughter's house while she was WFH plus home schooling a 6 Yr old.

No rules broken, we're a bubble thingie 👍🏼


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Squirt of graphite powder on the bathroom door hinges. That's me done for the day.
That sounds like a good task I could undertake, to impress Mrs @BoldonLad. Not too taxing, but, some "technical expertise" content.

Just off to buy some Graphite Powder on Ebay. ;)


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By popular demand...

What D.I.Y. have you done at home today?
You sir are far too easily misled.

Cut in downlighters x 8
Swore lots cabling said downlighters
Moved 3 light switches
Installed coving (proper plaster stuff, none of this modern polystyrene rubbish)
Painted ceiling and coving.

My wife thinks I enjoy it...


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Will be putting on the final coat of danish oil later this afternoon. There is a stack of real wood flooring through ourhouse !! We have sanded the whole lower ground floor. I reckon not far off 90-100sqm of flooring and maybe this far 6 litres of oil ! Hard going physically with moving furniture out of rooms etc but it does look nice. Gone is the tired yellow/orange surface and it’s like a new floor now. Reddish/ brown colours of the wood coming through again.


I did our sink drains yesterday funnily enough. Ripped all the old traps off and dug out a horrible amount of slime out of the drain pipe.

Ended up jet washing it out..

I built this contraption for the time being, the outside drain is too high, the stack also needs replacing really so a job for summer/ light nights.

Can still smell it now, yuck!.




Perhaps This One.....
Been spending far too long decorating the chillout/TV/guest room. Previous owner had a decent extension on the back, part of which served as a bedroom for his MIL. Doorway moved, 1 wall re-plastered, new lighting installed, coving done, new skirting all round. Final coat of first colour on today, next week will be the 'feature wall' paint. Downside of lockdown, my local carpet supplier is closed, so the dark purple will have to stay for a bit, same for the furniture. Nevermind, I can move on to the demolishing the kitchen/diner wall instead.
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