Home Schooling and WFH - how's it going ?


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My two are grown up, daughter on-line with college, so no issues here.

Hearing some nightmares from colleagues though. One has two young children, one in early primary (infants). School insisting on 6 hours supervised learning, plus keeping the youngster occupied. She has a full time job, so she's working in the evening when her husband comes back from work.

Sounds like a complete nightmare.

How are you all managing ?


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We're just about surviving, but today the bandwidth is suffering as both my wife and I are working online and both children are too - all of us are using Teams with video calls, sometimes all at the same time, and we have all suffered dropouts this morning. It's frustrating but in the context of some families having no devices, no wifi, no income etc we're doing OK.


Ours are in their teens so self sufficient. They've got their various devices and just get on with it. Some colleagues have young ones and are finding it tough. Can often hear the screaming in the background during meetings/calls.


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It's not too bad but I only have my son 2.5 days a week. I certainly could not cope working from home and home schooling 5 days a week. He is focussing well, but always has questions which if ignored would just result in him not doing anything. He is more focussed this time, and the work that has been set online is altogether better and more organised. There are still some lessons that don't work though; I don't know if it's the teachers not editing the permissions correctly on Google Classrooms, or if it's an unavoidable technical fault. But at least I know my son is doing a good 2 or 3 hours of work a day. We're also walking back and forth to his mum's house to try and make up for the time he's not running around the playground!


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Ah, you have a point there. I read it as both singularly not combined. I did wonder why fossy had done that.

Let's put this one down to my duh moment of the day and ignore my post. ^_^
The first post clarified the thread title for me to be fair


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The first post clarified the thread title for me to be fair
Stop rubbing my stupidity in - I'm a very sensitive person. ^_^


I have 3. A Y3, a reception and a nursery child.

Y3 is getting work via an app, it’s getting better now the teacher is recording bites with assignments on.

My reception child gets his work via an App once a week for the week as both teachers have had to work instead of rotating due to high numbers of key worker children in school.

Nursery child has a blast, not much changed bar more safety checks and not allowed through the nursery door, drop and go.

They are in school 2days, at home 2days at a childcare bubble 1day. I’m WFH full time and wife WFH/office on a part time basis. Sometimes the WiFi takes a hammering but it’s holding out so far!


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Im all set up for Mini D to be schooled from home. Ive a desk and computer in ghe studio, and ive set up Teams and its all mic'd up in readiness, should it be needed.

However, at the moment she's still going in - Mrs D works in a school herself so is considered essential personnel, and as a SAR volunteer on call im a volunteer providing an essentual front line service.

Nevertheless, people have been taking the pith with the current lockdown and twisting the rules to suit themselves, and according to several news sources there was was a cabinet meeting last night to discuss really screwing down tight on the lockdown. Potential new rules, such as only allowed out once a week to exercise, a defined radius, etc (BTW thanks to all the people that have taken the piss put of the spirit of the rules and potentially brought this upon us all) may be ahoy so Im prepared.

During the first lockdown I had Mini D at home and home 'schooled'her myself for 6 weeks or so until the school started setting work online. I set her an hour of reading, and hour of maths from the i ternet, and then 2 hours in the pm discussing a certain topic (geograpgym history, etc) and setting her work to do - thank heavens again for educational resources on the net! Hkwever, this time around, should it happen, its proper lessons with a teacher taking the class over Teams, so should be a lot easier on me.


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Im on night shift this week so today whilst mrs ck is at work im helping mini ck 2 year 4 do her work and trying to get mini ck 1 year 9 to do his assignments then off to work tonight for another 11 hour shift so hoping to get an hour or two nap before i go .Next week back on days i can see me helping again when i get home and handing in each lesson late as mrs ck is not what you would call the brightest match in the box ( thats not to put her down she has health issues that affect her cognitive abilities ) .
The issue next week is who looks after the kids when we are both at work? FIL is an option as it normally only for 4 or so hours and hes in our bubble .On nights i can be in bed whilst mrs ck goes so im here if anything goes wrong and its usually on for a couple of hours before i wake up to when mrs ck leaves.


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Working OK for me: I had a melt-down in August with our kit so we've gone for fibre optic broadband (900MB upload & download) plus a decent webcam. Teaching university students via webcam isn't the same though.

Son no. 2's at home doing his A-levels remotely and we turned our guest room into a schoolroom for him last March just in case. The challenge for him is he needs to get out sometimes and exercise.


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Child 2 is at home from college. She had complained about the standard of online tutorials and Mrs B saw it first hand last week, with a tutor about whom we have complained about his sexist behaviour. Not good.
If it wasn't for broadband, this country would be well and truly screwed. Using dial up would be impossible. (And yes, I appreciate there are still parts of the country who don't have broadband).
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