Hooray - it fits!

Got myself a specialized instinct helmet in the sale, was really worried as I couldn't try it, but thought if the worst comes to the worst I can always send it back. I knew Giro helmets don't fit me and most other brands I've tried have been quite uncomfy as well, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I thought Specialized have a reputation for good geometry and at almost half price I couldn't resist...Anyway, arrived yesterday and the fit is absolutely perfect, so no more treebranches banging into my head and destroying the last few brain cells! I'm impressed!!! (Look like a complete muppet with it, but I suppose that's the nature of helmets...)

Smokin Joe

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Wait till you have your hair cut, it will flop all over the place then.


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I'd ignore Smoking Joe. If your picture is anything to go by you haven't got much hair to begin with :evil:

And don't worry about looks. Lots of people wear helmets now, and Specialized ones are generally pretty stylish.


helmets are helmets, forget what they look like, anyone that puts looking cool over their brain is an arse


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Tynan, have you got a link to any study demonstrating that cycle helmets provide any overall safety benefit to their wearers? ;)
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